Cork Commissioner for Oaths
Travelling service - 7 days


Do you have a document that needs the signature of a Commissioner for Oaths / Peace Commissioner / Notary Public / Notary / Practising Solicitor? We can sign most of these documents

We operate a convenient, confidental, customised Travelling service covering Cork City and suburbs, 7 days focusing on evenings and weekends

For example: we can visit your home or workplace at a time that suits you. This saves you using up valuable holiday days from work, it also saves you the hassle and dead time of sitting in traffic and looking for parking. Instead, you just tell us a time and place that suits you, and we will be there. Our service is particularly useful where two people, such as a couple, need to sign the same document at the same time.

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Commissioner for Oaths, Cork
Mr David O'Sullivan
BA, DipBusLegalStudies, HDipHRM

Travelling service
7 days
Focusing on evenings and weekends
Cork City & suburbs

Call: 087 900 43 46
087 900 43 46



A Commissioner for Oaths shall charge a proper professional fee that the cost of services in terms of: time, skill and responsibility, similar to other professional service providers. We operate a customised convenient travelling service. Every customer has a different number and type of documents.

Below is the standard fee structure that covers the needs of most customers. Contact us and we will give you a quote for your exact needs.

Standard service  € 65 total


This covers the following

* We travel to you
everywhere in Cork City and suburbs
(see map)

* 7 days
Specialising in Evenings and weekends
Mon-Fri 4.30pm-9.30pm
Sat-Sun 9.30am-9.30pm

* Same day service is usually possible

(we always try to facilitate 'last minute' or urgent matters)

* We sign and rubber stamp up to two documents
(for the same person, for the same matter)
(extra documents - if any - may cost more, see below)

* We help you to complete your documents
(giving you the benefit of our real-world experience with various agencies,
forms, and processes)

Optional Extra services


Every customer has different needs.
Extras available include:

* Signing documents above and beyond the two covered above (generally €2 or €10 per extra document)

* Signing documents for different people

* We can travel beyond our main service area of Cork City and suburbs to anywhere in County Cork if required

* Mobile printing, mobile photocopying, mobile scanning, sending an email with an attached .PDF file scan of documents

* Providing blank forms

* Creating custom documents

* Hand delivery of signed documents

Payment methods Payment is due at the time of signing.

We accept:

* Cash
* Visa, MasterCard, American Express
* Cheques
(Cheques accepted from regular business customers only)
* PayPal
(if requested, use the 'Buy Now' button immediately below this line to access our PayPal page. Don't have a PayPal account? you can still use your credit or debit card once off)

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What to bring

Your Passport

Photo ID is needed for:
Affidavits / Statutory Declarations / Having signature witnessed.

A Passport is the best form of photo ID, but for certain documents an Irish credit card sized Driving Licence will be acceptable.

If your document is an Affidavit or Statutory Declaration then we must see you signing in person.

Your document(s)

While it may appear to you that you need only bring the final signature page you should actually bring the entire document. This is because your Affidavit / Statutory Declaration might refer to Exhibit(s), and if so then the front page of those Exhibits (or a cover sheet) needs to be signed by the Commissioner for Oaths at the same time as the main document.

You should complete as much of your document as you can before you meet the Commissioner for Oaths, however do not write in the final section of the document where signatures are to be witnessed. This section should only be completed by the Commissioner for Oaths. This final section is known as the 'Jurat' and will look something like this:

   "SWORN/DECLARED before me...
    this [blank] day of [blank]... at [blank]... etc.

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Travel area

We routinely travel everywhere in Cork City and suburbs (see map below, this covers a large area). We can also travel further into County Cork if required.


(within Cork City
and suburbs)
Travel within Cork City and suburbs is included in the standard service fee.

Examples of areas covered in Cork City and suburbs:

Cork City Centre, Ballincollig, Ballinlough, Ballintemple, Ballyvolane,  Bishopstown, Blackpool, Blackrock, Carrigrohane Road, Carrigaline, Ringaskiddy, Crosshaven, Currabinny, Fountainstown, Myrtleville, Minane Bridge, Robert's Cove, Fota, CIT / Cork Institute of Technology, Cork College of Commerce, City Gate Mahon, City Park Mahon, Mahon Point, Dillon's Cross, Donnybrook, Castletreasure, Douglas, Fairhill, Farranree, Mayfield, Whites Cross, Dublin Hill, Dublin Pike, Kerry Pike, Frankfield, Glanmire, Grange, Douglas, Glasheen, Glounthane, Grange, Gurranabraher, Hollyhill, Knockraha, Waterfall, Ballinora, Little Island, Mahon, Model Farm Road, Maryborough Hill, Wellington Road, Montenotte, Monkstown, Ovens, Passage West, Riverstown, Rochestown, Shanakiel, Silversprings, St Lukes, Sunday's Well, Tivoli, Togher, Turners Cross, UCC / University College Cork, Victoria Cross, Dennehy's Cross, Western Road, Wilton, Kinsale, Dunderrow, Oysterhaven, Summer Cove, Belgooly, Riverstick, Fivemilebridge, Minane Bridge, Tracton, Nohoval, Cork Airport, Ringaskiddy, Midleton, Ballinhassig, Halfway, Innishannon (sometimes misspelled as Inishannon), Crossbarry, Cork side of Bandon, and many more.

Cork City
and suburbs,
into other parts of
County Cork)
We will happily travel further into County Cork if required. The fee may be slightly higher than for the City and suburbs.

Contact us for a precise quote.

Example of areas covered in County Cork (beyond the City and suburbs) are:
Clonakilty, Inchydoney, Bandon, Macroom, Ballyvourney, Whitechurch, Fermoy, Cloyne, and many more.
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Why use us?

1. We travel to you - This is convenient and saves your valuable time, and hassle
2. We are available Evenings and weekends - so you don't need to take time off work
3. We accept Cash and Cards - Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and PayPal
4. We provide receipts - which is very useful for business customers

5. We have years of experience, and will most likely have seen your type of document before, so we may be able to help you avoid common pitfalls
6. Our service is provided by a native English speaker, with lifelong experience of Irish authorities - so we are more likely to spot errors on your document
7. Personal service - You can speak with our principal directly whenever you wish. You will not have to deal with a Switchboard or explain who you are to Secretary
8. We carry proof that we are a Commissioner for Oaths - You can inspect our Supreme Court Certificate of Appointment and Personal Passport. We are also established so long that we own the domain names "" along with the extra domains of "", "", "", "" (those all being terms that customers search for).

9. Document Security


a) Correctly worded rubber stamps - we have a wide range of stamps. This minimises the amount of handwriting on documents.

b) Embossing - We emboss every page that we sign (on most documents) with our seal. Our seal is engraved with our name and jursidiction, and because we keep strict custody of the seal, this confirms that we personally handled every page. Embossing with our seal also ensures that pages cannot be added or replaced.

c) Eyelet Binding Method - In some circumstances when you have multiple pages which were signed, and which are all destined for the same receiver, we can permanently attach your documentswith a solid brass eyelet. So instead of using an ordinary staple, which can easily be removed, we punch a small 3/16" hole through the reinforced red legal corner and the documentation. We then insert the brass eyelet through the hole with and a special eyeletter machine. This machine clenches the eyelet to a matching washer on the other side. Once set, eyelets are impossible to remove, and your papers become 100% secure. Many others only use staples, but we believe that eyeletting is a far more secure binding method which guards against tampering and fraud. In addition, it is a requirement at certain consulates and embassies.

d) Indelible Ink - For most documents we use permanent ink. Permanent ink bonds to paper fiber, and is superior to regular ink in two significant ways: Firstly, it is tamper proof due to it's insolubility in water, alcohol, detergent, bleach and solvents; and secondly it is waterproof, lightfast and acid free, so signatures do not fade over time. We use DIN ISO 14145-2 Certified Document Ink.
e) Sharpie Film Marker - Whenever we write on the back of photographs (usually for Citizenship Naturalisation applications), to avoid smudges, we use a special quick-drying 'Smear-Guard' Sharpie marker.


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Services we offer

Signing all
for use in Ireland

Administering any Oath / sometimes called "Swearing an Affidavit" or creating a "Sworn Affidavit"

For example:
* Affidavit of Freedom to Marry
(we can provide the blank form for this also)

* Sole Guardian Affidavit when applying for Passport for a child
(we can provide the blank form for this also)

* Affidavit of Means

* Sworn Affidavit of no criminal convictions
(when a person who has lived abroad intends attending certain courses in some Colleges , and they cannot obtain a Police Clearance Certificate then many Colleges will accept Sworn Affidavit of no criminal convictions instead. We can provide a template for this also.)

* Affidavit of Welfare

* Statement of Affairs

* All Revenue Commissioner Affidavits
for any purpose

* Oath of Executor (part of the probate process)

* Affidavit of testamentary capacity by Medical Doctor (part of the probate process)

* Affidavit Form 47 used by the Land Registry 'Application for registration by surviving joint tenant(s) - and indeed all other Land Registry Affidavits

* Affidavit in lieu of a Lost Document

* Affidavit of loss

* Affidavit of Attesting witness
(Part of the deed poll 'change of name' process). We can assist you with that process by providing deed paper, and using our mobile printer to ensure you are using the correct layout, in order to reduce the chances of your documents being rejected.

Signing all
Statutory Declarations
for use in Ireland

Taking any Declaration or "Stat Dec"

For example:

* Statutory Declaration as part of the Citizenship/Naturalisation Form 8 process

* Statutory Declaration as part of the CORU registration process

* Statutory Declaration as part of taking up a new job - or promotion - with the HSE

* Statutory Declaration by a company competing a tender/tendering process for work from a local authority/state agency/European agency

* Statutory Declaration of Service

* Statutory Declaration that a property is not a family home (also known as Family Home Declaration/FHD)

* For landlords: Statutory Declaration attached to Residential Tenancies Board (RTB) Notice of Tenant Termination where the Landlord intends to sell the dwelling, or requires the dwelling for his own use, or requires the dwelling for the use of a member of his family

* Statutory Declaration MP2A or MP2A(1) by Irish citizen seeking Certificate de Coutume/
Nulla Osta for marriage abroad or forms MP2B, MP2D, MP2E, MP2F (with Birth Certificate as an Exhibit)

* University / College Statutory Declaration for Replacement Parchment (e.g. Cork Institute of Technology / Cork IT / CIT)

* Statutory Declaration of Father and Mother in relation to Joint Guardianship of a child (we can also provide the blank form)

* For teachers: Statutory Declaration required for Department of Education Home Based July Provision for Teachers

* For owners of commercial property: Statutory Declaration for refund of City/County Council commercial rates (this would be a business expense for you, so do ask for a receipt)

* Statutory Declaration of eligibility and suitability under the Adoption Act (often with Marriage Certificate as an Exhibit)

* Statutory Declaration required as part of application form for a Gender Recognition Certificate

* For Irish citizens emigrating to Canada: Statutory Declaration of Common Law Union
a photocopy as
being a
True Copy
of the original
Also known as a "Certified Copy". This is referred to in the US as a "Notarized Copy" and in India it's called an "Attested Copy".

You should bring the original document and the copy. Your photocopy should be in colour as many authorities no longer accept black and white copies.

If you do not have a photocopy then we have a portable photocopier. We can scan all sizes of paper (including A3) and reduce to A4.

For example:
* Copy of Birth Certificate/Marriage Certificate/GNIB Card as part of Form 8 Citizenship/Naturalisation process

* Copy of Passport as part of HSE new job/promotion paperwork

* Copy of College or University  Degree / Parchment / Testatum

* Copy of a Passport Copy or Driving Licence / Drivers Licence

* Copy of Bank Statements for Australian Immigration authorities or other purposes

* Copy of Birth Certificate

* Copy of Marriage Certificate

* Copy of Employers Reference letter

* Copy of School letter for Irish Immigration or other purposes

* Copy of any Letter / Invoice / Business document / Company document for any purpose
Attesting the execution of a bond / deed For example:

* Witnessing the signing of a Deed of Separation or Separation Agreement (we can witness either both the husband and wife sign, or just one party, plus we can travel to each party separately if required)

Witnessing a signature on any other document

Sometimes called "Counter signing" in the UK, or "Notarizing a signature" in American terminology

If you would like your signature witnessed for any purpose, it can be done.

For example...
* Witnessing a parents signature
on letter of consent to travel / letter of authorisation to travel / letter of authorization to travel (used when a child or minor is travelling abroad without both parents. Following the 'Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction' many Airlines and other agencies require such a letter. We can also provide a blank form for this)

Witnessing a signature on a business contract / personal agreement

Providing blank forms
from stock

Usually a person needing the services of a Commissioner for Oaths will already have a blank form which was given to them by some agency/company/person, but if not then we carry forms that can be used for many situations.
Creating a document
(which is not in stock) for a specific scenario
We can provide you with a template, and certain guidance
Providing complimentary
Such as an envelope, which is useful as some customers have urgent business
Sale of Postage stamps
At face value
(prior to meeting)

Customers can email any documents they need printed related to their signing to
(during meeting)
We have a portable printer / photocopier / scanner.
Sending a scan of a document just signed to an email address

Hand delivering
an envelope

You might want your signed document delivered to someone: such as a Solicitor or Accountant. However, we do not provide a summons serving service.
Services for Solicitors Solicitors often need the signatures of clients witnessed. 

For example:
* A Solicitor in another County might post an Affidavit or Statutory Declaration to a client in Cork.

The client might be too busy during office hours to visit an Independent Commissioner.

One cannot - of course - witness a signature by post, so we have the solution. We can visit your client in his/her home or office, witness the document(s), and can also deliver/post the signed document back to you if you wish. Contact us - as and when required - to arrange attendance.
Services for Accountants
Accountants often need the signatures of clients witnessed.

For example:

* Inland Revenue Affidavit (Revenue Form CA24)

* Liquidator's Affidavit (CRO Form (E4)

* Other forms under the Companies Act 2014

* Affidavit verifying petition

* Affidavit in support of list of contributories

* Affidavit of official liquidator in support of application for a call

 *Affidavit of non-payment

* Affidavit of official liquidator as to debts

* Affidavit of creditor in proof of debt

* Liquidator's affidavit verifying his account under section 306

* Affidavit verifying an application for certification of Liquidator in a creditors’ voluntary winding up.

For the avoidance of doubt even if an Accountant also happens to be a Commissioner for Oaths, or a similar office holder, they should be careful not to sign any Affidavit or Declaration for their own clients. Such a document could be questioned in the future. This is because a Commissioner is required to be an independent witness.

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Foreign documents or "Can we sign documents that are being sent abroad / overseas / outside of Ireland"?

In practice mostly yes for English speaking countries where the office of Commissioner for Oaths / Commissioner of Oaths also exists. The rules vary between countries. Ultimately it depends on what a particular foreign authority will accept. Oftentimes a document that needs to be signed will be accompanied by an instruction sheet outlining which "witnesses" are acceptable. The signature of Mr David O'Sullivan Commissioner for Oaths has been accepted by multiple authorities in English speaking countries including Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and other countries beyond Ireland. Mr David O'Sullivan has also been appointed as a Commissioner for Oaths in an overseas Commonwealth jurisdiction.

Most documents are written for use in their own country.

For example:
* A document from
might refer to signature of a "Justice of the Peace" or "Commissioner for Declarations" or an "Authorised Witness".

* A document from
South Africa
might refer to a "Commissioner of Oaths" or "Kommissaris van Ede".

* A document from
might refer to a "Commissioner for Taking Affidavits" or "Commissioner for Taking Oaths"

* A document from the
United States
might call for a "Notarization", or to be "Notarized" by a US "Notary Public" or US "Public Notary" or Lawyer or Attorney.

* A document from the
United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales etc.)
might refer to the need for a "counter signature" or to be "counter signed".

* Sometimes documents written by lay persons might even refer to jumbled offices which don't actually exist such as a "Commissioner of the Peace" or "Commissioner of the Oaths" or "Oaths Commissioner". Occasionally, older Irish documents might refer to "a Commissioner to administer Oaths for the High Court" or "a Commissioner for administering oaths in the Supreme Court".

While the terms above vary they all essentially refer to "a person authorised by law to administer an oath" or "a person authorised by law to take and receive an Affidavit or Statutory Declaration". In Ireland the title for such a person is a "Commissioner for Oaths". The laws of many countries accept that when a document is being signed outside of their own borders it can be signed by a person who is authorised to administer oaths in that foreign place. (i.e. the signature of an Irish Commissioner for Oaths would be acceptable).

Staying with the topic of Ireland: Documents which need the signature of a Peace Commissioner can also be signed by Mr David O'Sullivan Commissioner for Oaths.

Sometimes a document will call for the signature of a Practising Solicitor / Practising Solicitor, if that document is a Statutory Declaration or an Affidavit then it can be signed by Mr David O'Sullivan Commissioner for Oaths even if the document itself does not state this.

Documents which appear to need the signature of an Irish Notary Public can also in many cases also be signed by Mr David O'Sullivan Commissioner for Oaths. If we can sign your document we will, and if we cannot then we will suggest the name of another service provider who may be able to assist you. 

Apostille / Legalisation
If a document is to be sent outside Ireland then sometimes the person / party to whom it is being sent might ask that it is "Apostilled" or "Legalised" before it leaves Ireland. These are two different streams, and are both are optional extra steps followed after a person/ agency in Ireland has signed or stamped a document.

A Document signed by Mr David O'Sullivan Commissioner for Oaths can have an Apostille affixed to it, and that will be acceptable in certain countries.

However, if your document requires "Legalisation" then we suggest you instead visit a Notary Public. A Notary Public is a person who specialises in signing foreign documents. The Faculty of Notaries Public in Ireland does not publish a list of fees, but it is generally understood that a Commissioner for Oaths tends to be cheaper per document in terms of their Notarial Fees. Most foreign agencies who ask for "Legalisation" will expect to see the term "Notary Public" - and not "Commissioner for Oaths" - on a document.

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​We are delighted to receive many referrals, and we have a long list of individual and corporate clients satisfied with our services. However, for reasons of confidentiality we do not disclose details for promotional purposes.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below are some questions that have been asked of us before

Q: What is the fee for signing a Naturalisation/Citizenship application?
A: On first glance it may appear that you need only one Commissioner for Oaths signature, namely on the Statutory Declaration page.

On further reading of the instructions is is then seen that more signatures are required from a Commissioner for Oaths. There is also the rear of the 2 Passport Photographs. A copy of your Birth Certificate, and if it's not in English then also a copy of the translation into English. If you have changed your name you must also have a copy of your marriage certificate or deed poll or other name-change document signed.

Overall, the number of documents to be signed by a Commissioner for Oaths in a Naturalisation/Citizenship application varies massively depending on the individual circumstances of the customer. We can provide a quotation if you let us know a) your current country of citizenship, and b) whether or not you are applying on the basis of marriage to an Irish Citizen.
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Q: Will you travel beyond Cork City and suburbs?
A: Yes, while main service area is Cork City and suburbs (see map), we can also travel further into County Cork. We would be happy to quote a fee based on the particular distance and time.
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Q: Can you visit my home at 7pm on a Sunday?
A: Yes, in fact most non-business customers prefer a house-call / house call because it is so convenient. Yes, we are available on Evenings and Weekends.
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Q: Can you sign my documents in a neutral location such as a Library or Coffee Shop/Cafe?
A: Yes, we will travel to any location in Cork City and suburbs. We understand that some documents can be of a sensitive personal or financial nature and you may not wish your family / housemates to know of them.
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Q: I need a certified copy, but I don't have a photocopier
A: Yes, we have a portable photocopier and scanner.
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Q: A work colleague of happens to be a Commissioner for Oaths (or similar) can he/she sign my form?
A: No. A Commissioner for Oaths (or similar) must be an independent witness who does not have an interest in the document. Depending on the importance of your document having a work colleague witness your signature could be very risky for you because your document could be found to be invalid in the future if it was challenged

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Q: Can you just sign my document?
A: A person who wants a document signed (referred to as “the appearer”) will often innocently say "I just need your signature on this document"- a statement that constitutes a wholly disproportionate description of what the Commissioner may eventually have to do. The response is designed, sometimes unintentionally, to minimise the importance of the Commissioner’s involvement and, by inference, the fee. A Commissioner for Oaths signature is not a quick autograph that can be affixed to any page.

We operate a customised travelling service. The process of having a document signed includes: making the appointment; travelling to and from you, waiting time, identifying you, discussing matters with you, checking and dealing with documents you provide, amending documents and/or completing any blanks in documents that you provide, considering and dealing with any instructions that come with documents you provide, binding documents securely and sealing documents (if necessary), and so on.
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Q: Do you charge VAT?
A: We do not charge VAT, as we are not registered for VAT. Our receipts confirm this.

Q: In relation to Photo ID.... What is an 'EU ID card'?
A: Since 2008, when a person is signing an Affidavit or Statutory Declaration their witness (the Commissioner for Oaths) has been required to see valid Photo ID. A Passport is the most popular form (a driving licence is not acceptable according the the two Acts). Another form of ID that is acceptable is an "EU ID card". Ireland does not issue these but mainland EU countries do. Examples of EU ID card titles are: Dowód osobisty, Personalausweis,  Carte d’identité, CNIS, Documento nacional de identidad (DNI), Identiteitskaart, Cartão de Cidadão, Lichna karta, Občanský průkaz, Občiansky preukaz, Isikutunnistus, henkilökortti, Carta d'Identità Elettronica, Identitätskarte, nationellt id-kort, Osobna iskaznica.
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Q: Will you travel to Dublin?

A: No, we are based in Cork City and suburbs, and will also travel to County Cork.
We do not cover other counties.

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Q: Do you have an office that we can travel to? / What is your address?

A: No, we specialise in a convenient travelling service. This means you do not have to wait in traffic, you do not have to pay for parking, you do not have to wait in in a waiting room. We do all that.
Our receipts and stamps do however contain our physical address for verification purposes.

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Q: Can a Commissioner for Oaths decline to sign a document?

A: We specialise in a convenient travelling service, so the first time we see your document will be after we have travelled to you. By that stage we will have incurred travel and time costs. So, at the booking stage we will ask you some routine questions to establish the nature of your document, and ensure that we can indeed sign it. If we cannot sign your document we will suggest an alternative solution or service provider. Accordingly, please do feel free to contact us if you are in doubt.


Examples of when we cannot sign a document are
1) When we are asked to 'witness' the signature of a person who is not present. This is known as signing in absentia, and it not allowed.
2) Where the signer is not able to provide adequate photo ID or otherwise identify themselves
3) Another reason for refusal is where a Commissioner is of the view that a person does not understand what they are signing, or will refuse to sign on arrival
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Q: Can you witness a signature of a person who is not here?
(e.g. because they are on holidays, or are too elderly to travel)

A: No. For a signature to be witnessed the person making it must be physically present, and must sign in front of the Commissioner for Oaths. The practice of having a signature 'witnessed' without the signer being present is referred to as 'witnessing in absentia' and is not allowed by rules. The practical problems of this are that a document - relied on in court for example - may subsequently be challenged and found to be invalid. We provide a travelling service so we would be happy to travel to the signer in Cork.
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Q: Do you serve summons / are you a summons server?

A: No, we do not provide that service. However, for convenience we can deliver other signed documents if a customer wishes.

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Q: Is a Commissioner for Oaths paid by the Government, State, or [any other body]

A: No. We have no financial relationship with whatever agency may have asked you to complete a form. A Commissioner for Oaths does not receive any payment from the Government, or state agencies or bodies. A Commissioner for Oaths is an independent witness.

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Q: I have a Affidavit or Statutory Declaration, can I have it signed by a Garda / member of An Garda Siochana, instead of a Commissioner for Oaths?

A: No. In Ireland a member of the police force cannot sign such documents for the public. In Ireland that function is performed by a Commissioner for Oaths.

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Q: What is the Irish for Commissioner for Oaths?
A: In the Irish language / Gaeilge the office is referred to as 'Coimisinéir m mionnaí' or 'Coimisinéirí Mionn'. In Polish the closest wording is 'Komisarz ds. Przysięgi'
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Q: Will your Commissioner for Oaths signature be acceptable to CORU, HIQA, HSE etc.?
A: Yes. Wherever you see "Commissioner for Oaths" listed as an acceptable signatory on a form in Ireland then our signature will be accepted and recognised. A Commissioner for Oaths is an independent person.
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Q: Are you a Notary Public?

A: No - but please keep reading - our title is 'Commissioner for Oaths' meaning we can sign all documents for use in the Republic of Ireland. In addition, we can sign many - but not all - documents that are being sent abroad. A Notary Public - in contrast - is a person who specialises in foreign documents only. The Faculty of Notaries Public in Ireland does not publish a list of fees, but it is generally understood that a Commissioner for Oaths tends to be cheaper per document.

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Q: Do you provide legal advice?

A: Naturally, we will help you with the completion of your forms by using our experience and knowledge to assist you, but we do not specialise in providing legal advice.

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Q: Can you witness the signing of a will?

A: Yes, we can witness a signature on almost any document that you wish. However, we do not provide legal advice, thus it is advisable that your will first be drawn up by a Solicitor who is expert in that area. Having drawn up a will a Solicitor will most likely arrange for your signature to be witnessed  in-house. Accordingly, we do not often get asked to provide this service.

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Q: Will you witness the creation of a power of attorney document?


Re: Republic of Ireland power of attorney documents:
Yes, this is a deed, so you need a) yourself b) a neutral witness c) the Commissioner for Oaths. We do not provide legal advice.

Re: Foreign power of attorney documents:
Yes, sometimes. We can sign power of attorney documents for certain other countries. For example we can sign documents for the Bailiwick of Jersey in the Channel Islands. We do not provide legal advice.

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Q: Can you certify documents for use in Dubai/USA/US/UAE/Bulgaria/Cyprus?
A: No. You should instead see an Irish Notary Public. We can suggest the names of some local Notaries if you wish.

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